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About Us

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted all of our lives. It has tested each of us and forced us to explore our true values in life. After battling the virus, our grandparents passed away in June 2020. We knew we wanted to do something in their honor as a way to help others as they were always looking to support others throughout their lifetime. They were inseparable and so lucky to have each other during the lock down. Pen Pal Social was inspired by our grandparents to help local seniors combat loneliness by connecting them with interested kids and adults to establish new friendships from a distance.


Everyone has a story and those conversations about sharing one’s life story are the most invaluable moments. The senior community has lived such rich lives that deserve to be heard. It’s our job as the youth to listen, learn, and honor their legacy. We need to be more generationally connected. 


Letter writing is in desperate need of a revival. Our grandparents had such a beautiful way with words. Our grandma always wrote the most carefully crafted cards that came from the heart. She was a master at maintaining close communications with family and friends across the world. This program is the essence of her passion for connecting with and supporting others. Our grandfather had this innate love of learning. He loved meeting new people to learn about their life stories and languages in the most random places like restaurants. So much of this program is in his image with the exchange of knowledge and histories between people of all kinds of backgrounds.


While this program was inspired in light of the pandemic, it has the power to last beyond the scope of the pandemic. We hope that the letter exchange gives seniors a sense of companionship and something to look forward to. We would love to connect you to a pen pal today.


In loving memory and honor of our grandparents T.D. and Su Lin

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